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The best places to find free images for your WordPress website or blog

The best places to find free images for your WordPress website or blog

By Belinda White | WP North East | November 11, 2017

Most websites need a large amount of photography and images to showcase the website content or to help create an eye-catching blog post. With that in mind buying pictures or commisioning a photo shoot can sometimes not be possible. In that situation, how can you find free to use images for your content?

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How to build powerful landing pages for your WordPress website

How to build powerful landing pages for your WordPress website

By Belinda White | WP North East | October 22, 2017

Having a WordPress website gives you a great deal of flexibility with pages, content and marketing. Landing pages are a key element of online marketing campaigns and being able to create them quickly and efficiently with WordPress gives you an advantage.

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Changing from HTTP to HTTPS with WordPress

Changing from HTTP to HTTPS with WordPress

By Belinda White | WP North East | October 1, 2017

I’m asked this question more and more. Should I change my WordPress website to HTTPS from HTTP? Do I need to do it now?
As always with websites and digital, some technical aspects need to be considered, however. Here are my thoughts on business impact and actions you need to plan for.

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Newcastle WordPress Training

How to supercharge your WordPress website without plugins

By Belinda White | WP North East | September 21, 2017

Having a fast loading and efficient WordPress website is an ever-increasing necessity. Your visitors demand an experience online that is a rapid and concise when visiting your website. There are many factors that affect how your website performs, here I am going to take a look at 3 key factors you need to consider when reviewing your WordPress website performance.

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5 Reasons Why Website Care Is Important To A Successful Online Business

5 reasons why WordPress website care is important to a successful online business

By Belinda White | WP North East | August 29, 2017

Your visitors have high demands when it comes to websites. Find out why WordPress website maintenance is critical to a successful business website.

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WordPress Security and Backup Process

The importance of backup and security for your WordPress website

By Belinda White | WP North East | August 8, 2017

Backup and Security. Even the most simple website needs to be backed up and kept secure. 5 straight forward backup and security things you can do now as a minimum for any WordPress set up

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WordCamp Edinburgh WordPress Training

My Highlights from WordCamp Edinburgh 2017

By Belinda White | WP North East | July 28, 2017

Read my takeaways and insight from WordCamp Edinburgh 2017. Two tracks and plenty of coffee and refreshments to keep everyone energised. Speakers for the two-day event covered the latest WordPress ideas and thinking.

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Your quick start guide to effective SEO with WordPress

Search Engine Optimisation. Get the basics right first. Your quick start guide to effective SEO with WordPress

By Belinda White | WP North East | July 26, 2017

[Video and Slide Deck] In July 2017 I had the opportunity to present at the North East, Newcastle WordPress meetup. The topic of my presentation was – Search Engine Optimisation – Get the basics right first – Your quick start guide to effective SEO with WordPress. If you were unable to attend the Newcastle Meetup, you can view my slide deck, watch the video and read my presentation transcript.

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WordPress Training Newcastle

Why WordPress is awesome for powerful business Marketing

By Belinda White | WP North East | May 29, 2017

Your website needs to be your main business marketing asset. Stop sending people to social media and send them to your website. Your bit of the internet that you own and control. Drive visitors and turn them into customers.

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WordCamp London

My Highlights from WordCamp London 2017

By Belinda White | WP North East | April 20, 2017

WordPress WordCamps happen across the world, typically in major cities, however, they can be larger, such as WordCamp Europe. March 2017 saw the WordCamp London Convention. Typically a ‘three track’ event, which means throughout each day there are 3 sets of talks on at any one time covering a broad range of WordPress and website related topics.

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WordPress Training Newcastle

How to update your WordPress website and why it’s important

By Belinda White | WP North East | March 19, 2017

Gone are the days when you could build a WordPress website and leave it for a couple of years before a review. It’s not the 90’s anymore. All technology gets updated; your smartphone, your laptop, even your SatNav. And the WordPress is no exception.

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WordPress Hosting insight

How to choose hosting for your WordPress website

By Belinda White | WP North East | February 28, 2017

There are many advantages of having a self-hosted WordPress website. You are in control; you own the content, you can add plugins and sophisticated functionality. You can create anything from a membership website to an online store. Plus it is so much better for Search Engine Optimisation. You need WordPress website hosting when you move … Read more

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WordPress Training Course Newcastle

3 tips for picking the right WordPress theme for your business

By Belinda White | WP North East | January 17, 2017

One of the powerful aspects of WordPress is being able to add or create a customised theme for your website. This provides the front end styling of your website, the visual look and feel. Read my tips and insight to guide you when select the right theme for your business website.

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Learn WordPress Training Newcastle

7 Useful Plugins to install after installing WordPress

By Belinda White | WP North East | December 22, 2016

You’ve installed WordPress. Great. The advantage of running your website with WordPress is the vast range of plugins available that can enhance your website and add rich features, many of them free to use.

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Learn WordPress SEO Newcastle

WordPress and SEO the perfect match. 6 quick tips for the best results

By Belinda White | WP North East | November 28, 2016

To make the most of WordPress and SEO there are some key things to do to make sure you get the best results from the start. Here are my 6 quick tips to get you started.

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My Highlights From WordCamp Manchester 2016

By Belinda White | WP North East | November 2, 2016

A WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organised events that are put together by WordPress users and developers. Take a look at my insight from WordCamp Manchester 2016.

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WordPress Support and Care

Why you need to take care of your WordPress website

By Belinda White | WP North East | October 27, 2016

All software needs to be kept up-to-date, safe and secure and your WordPress website is no exception. Have you noticed how many alerts for updates you get on your smart phone, Microsoft software, your car Sat Nav! All tech needs updates so that you can benefit from the latest software features and bug fixes. When … Read more

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WordPress Coaching Newcastle

Which WordPress Option to choose?

By Belinda White | WP North East | August 12, 2016

Do you choose .com or .org? WordPress is an open source platform for website and blogs. You may or may not know that WordPress comes in two variations. The .COM – a hosted area for a blog and the .ORG – a self-hosted option. The major difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is who’s actually hosting … Read more

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5 Star Feedback from our WordPress Traning Sessions

"Belinda [WP North East] was extremely patient and understanding. I now have a much better understanding of WordPress and I'm not so afraid to use the various elements to achieve a website that would better serve the company. Belinda is knowledgeable, kind and calm. The perfect trainer for someone like me, a little nervous of technology and lacking in confidence when it comes to using an unfamiliar programme . Thank you."
Automotive Firm, North Yorkshire

"Belinda [WP North East] prepared thoroughly in advance for each session, asking questions about my expectations, so that no training time was wasted. Her instruction was clear and very informative and she was prepared to accommodate my specific requirements taking a flexible approach to content during a couple of sessions enabling me to successfully launch my first website on schedule."
K. Welford. Designer

"Most useful part of the training was to have a deep understanding about the system
[WordPress] and how to integrate plugins and themes."

H. Zhao. Entrepreneur


""I would highly recommend Belinda's [WP North East) WordPress one-to-one training.  I needed help developing an existing wordpress site. She not only helped me do this but made sure I had the knowledge to do further work on my own.  She is very patient, straight to the point, doesn't mess around and is very easy to work with.  She will start from wherever your level of skill is and make sure you understand what she is teaching before moving on.  Excellent!"
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