How to sell more from your WordPress online store – part 2 of 3

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You're just not selling enough online!

How can I sell more from my WordPress store? I am just not getting the number of sales I need!

Part 2 of a 3 part series to help you to sell more with your WordPress store

This is part 2 of a 3 part series to help you get more sales from your WordPress online store. One of the most asked questions during my regular Newcastle based WordPress training sessions.

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#1 Effective product descriptions

WordPress training for commerce

As a virtual store, your product descriptions are the primary way customers are able to understand and find out all they need about the product you are selling. This means your product descriptions have to be as helpful as possible.

If you are reselling a product you need to avoid copy and paste from the supplier's product description. Google may see this as duplicate content and it won't give visitors a reason to buy from you or from another reseller. Make your product description unique, add your individual tone-of-voice. You know your customers which means you can speak to them directly in a language they understand. They are on your website because they have been attracted to your brand and ethos. So stand out with well written and enticing product descriptions.

Have a clear and punching short description, positioned high on the page. Then follow this with a more in-depth product description where you can inject your personality and relevant keywords.

#2 A powerful About Us page

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People buy from brands. They will buy from you if they associate themselves with your brand. Your About Us page is the perfect place to tell your story. People are drawn into stories.

Your brand needs to emotionally engage with the viewer, presenting your narrative in a beautiful and welcoming way. Encompassing your story helps evoke empathy and belonging with your audience and makes it something they want to be part of.  Take them on your journey, create a design that envelopes your purpose, visions and values and is stunning and original.

Creating an engaging About Us page to tell your story with well-written copy, unique photography and customer testimonials. You may want to illustrate a timeline and take people on your journey.

Weave in your keywords both primary and secondary as this will help towards healthy ranking on Google search.

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#3 Offering Free Shipping

A high percentage of shoppers cite free shipping as a key incentive to buy. However, you still need to cover your shipping costs. Free shipping works well with high-ticket items and may allow you to work in your shipping fees into the main price. You would need to decide if this is a strategy for you.

You will need to make your shipping and returns policy really clear. If you decide to try this strategy make it really clear to customers what is covered and any effect this may have on your returns policy.

WordPress free shipping for commerce

#4 Social sharing

social sharing strategy for WooCommerce

Social is critical for online stores. Most stores sell B2C, directly to the consumer. Building brand awareness on social media is a necessity. Many social channels make it easy for you to sell directly on their channel, this type of multi-channel selling can be beneficial. However, driving buyers to your website is your strongest strategy. Once on your website, there are fewer distractions and they are more likely to focus on what you are selling and your brand.

The big channels for eCommerce are Pinterest and Instagram. Together with Facebook and Twitter. Due to the pictorial nature of Pinterest and Instagram, these are a great place to showcase your product photography. Images of our product in use, on models, from different angles and perhaps in different seasons, can really drive interest. Social are very busy channels so you need to be posting multiple times a day.

You may want to consider paid social advertising alongside organic posting. Trying out a range of strategy on different social media channels will help you find the most powerful for your particular products.

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#5 Curated content

WordPress eCommerce Look Book

Curated content in this instance is a variety of strategies where you handpick collections of products. Product collections that you publish and share with your brand followers.

Curated content is a way of making it easy for your customers to find the product right for them. You may have a large product range. It can take time for customers to look through all of your products and try to make a choice.

People are time poor, making shopping as easy as possible will encourage a sale. Make it easy for them to buy with curated collections, look-books, seasonal styles, complementary products. Add gift guides that show ranges of products that are perfect for gifts. These could be further curated into price ranges, colours or styles depending on what you are selling.

The idea is to make it as easy as possible for someone to be inspired and make that purchase. Change your lookbooks and gift guides regularly to inspire and keep your website looking fresh.

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