WordPress powers a third of the web and why it’s great news for you and your business

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WordPress now powers over 1/3rd of the top 10 million sites on the web according to W3Techs. WordPress market share has been growing steadily over the last few years, going from 29.9% just one year ago to 33.4% now.

Quote from WordPress.org

The worlds most successful content platform

WordPress is statistically the most successful content platform on the web. WordPress is the first choice for a massive amount of businesses; ranging from bloggers to large enterprises.

It has democratised publishing and commerce making it easy for you to claim your part of the web. Owned content should be your priority and a self hosted WordPress website is a perfect solution. Building your content and following on borrowed land is ever more uncertain.

Borrowed land such as social media platforms and hosted solutions can (and will) change their policies and how they work. Your content on their platform belongs to them and not you.

WordPress powers a third of the web WordPress Training Newcastle

Why is this good for you?

I've heard (and seen) this story many times. A company commissions a new website. The brief includes the need for a content management facility to allow the business to update their own content.

However, the website they end up with has a proprietary content management dashboard. The web companies own unique content management system. No one can work on the code but them. You wish to add more functionality but due to the unique content code, it's an expensive project to add new code.

This is where opensource flexibility wins each time. You are in control when you use WordPress. The core platform is open source supported by a worldwide community. You can use this foundation to create any type of website you need. From business lead generation to eCommerce or community site. That is the part you customise for yourself or commission a WordPress designer or agency to tailor to your needs.

WordPress powers a third of the web WordPress Training Newcastle

A world of flexibility

Because of the scale of WordPress, you can usually guarantee other digital services and platforms will have some sort of WordPress integration already in place. There are currently (at time of writing) 54,735 plugins available.

You can extend your WordPress experience with a wide range of pre-assessed plugin on the WordPress repository. Plus most other software you use will probably have some form of integration with WordPress, from marketing software to memberships. You can construct a simple or complex website that fits your specific needs. From a blog to an online store.

Education websites, government websites, news platforms, academic sites, all trust WordPress to deliver for them. Multi-language, global websites trust WordPress. We provide WordPress Training for all of these situations.

WordPress powers a third of the web WordPress Training Newcastle

The Takeaway

A powerful and easy solution to create a business driving online presence, WordPress put the power in your hands.

  • WordPress is SEO friendly
  • WordPress is simple to manage
  • WordPress is safe
  • WordPress loves multimedia

If you are new to WordPress give it a try, if you already have a website with WordPress and need some help, get in touch and ask about our tailored WordPress training sessions.

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