How to sell more from your WordPress online store – part 1 of 3

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You're just not selling enough online!

How can I sell more from my WordPress store? I am just not getting the number of sales I need!

I hear this over and over again.

This is one of the regular areas I cover on many of my Newcastle based WordPress training courses. Many individuals approach WP North East with an online selling issue.

My WordPress training sessions can be uniquely designed to cover all you need to increase sales from your WordPress WooCommerce store.

Online selling with WordPress is such a popular topic for my WordPress training sessions I thought I would produce a detailed series of posts to help you to sell more online.

Part 1 of a 3 part series to help you to sell more with your WordPress store

Because 'selling more from WordPress'  is one of my most popular training sessions I thought I would let you know my top areas you need to consider if you want to sell more using WordPress as your online store.

7 Things you need to do now to increase your online sales from your WordPress online store

#1 Your home page promotes your USP

I've seen this many times over the years, online stores that don't tell me what they sell, why they sell it and why I should buy their products.

People need a reason to buy your product from your store and not go elsewhere. Yes, your product may be unique, but unless it is absolutely unique and something similar can't be purchased elsewhere at all then you will end up selling on price only. Which is a race to the bottom?

As an example, let's use a fictional situation if you are selling hand-crafted glassware you need to tell me in the most concise. compelling way possible why I should buy your glassware and not head over to one of the big retailers who I already know and trust.

Your USP headline or paragraph needs to be positioned above the 'fold' an imaginary area that is visible no matter what screen size you view your site on. Front and centre, why I should buy this from you and not go elsewhere.

When I land on your website I need to know your 'difference' and what is special about you, within less than a second of landing on your WordPress website home page.

Good copywriting pays for itself time and time again. Get your value proposition nailed, then I will instantly know what you are all about.

How to sell more from your WordPress WooCommerce online store with WordPress Training

Do you need help to maximise your online store?

If you need help with your online store why not ask about our 2-hour, in-person WordPress Training session and fast-track your solution. Or a more in-depth 4-hour WordPress Training session.

#2 Blogging regularly

There are two key reasons for writing a regular blog.
1. You can have a regular conversation with your customers.
2. Google loves regular content

You may be active on social media because you understand the need for conversations, regular contact and to build your brand with your customers. But the social media giants have other plans for your customers. Social media companies want your customers to stay on their page, not head over to your website.

They want them to buy on their platform, they want them to stay there. To click to that other interesting status update, that other funny cat video, that other conversation. Yes, social is important to build your brand and your online presence, but you need to entice them over to your store. That way they will be less distracted by all the clutter and distraction on the social media channels.

Writing a regular blog will give customers a destination and encourage them to leave a social media channel and head over to your store to read your blog. Social media is a distracting space, you need to encourage them to click away from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and go to your website where you can have their full attention.

Yes, regular blogging takes time and a plan. If you need help with planning a blog, get in touch and I can work with you to create a 3 or 6-month blog content plan that is tailored to your customers.

How to sell more from your WordPress WooCommerce online store with WordPress Training

#3 Building an email list

The two key marketing weapons you need for a successful online store are traffic and an email list.

That being the case building an active email list is critical. You need to take every opportunity to add customers and visitors to regular email marketing. Email marketing is the lifeblood of your online store. You can quickly set up an email campaign using tools like MailChimp or Active Campaign. MailChimp being the most popular due to its substantial fee offering.

How to sell more from your WordPress WooCommerce online store with WordPress Training

#4 Build a brand following

To move away from competing on price the key strategy is to build a brand following. A brand is considerably more than a name or a logo. In today's multi-platform, multi-digital world you need a flexible identity that can scale and provide visibility in every possible situation. Just because you have a logo doesn't mean you have a brand.

Your brand must encompass your values, aspirations and ethics. These values need to be reflected in everything you do, from your visual identity and tone-of-voice, through to how you write your emails, your style of advertising, your website, blogs, product delivery and packaging – in fact, every single touch point must present a consistent message.

This helps to create a unique brand identity which reflects your story and provides a complete, encompassing experience. Investing in your brand for the long game, engaging customers on a deeper level is your powerful investment.

Leveraging your brand to build followers is a powerful way to reach new audiences and increase leads. Strong brands appeal to the feelings and emotions of consumers, reaching out to the minds of individuals, their intellect and aspirations. Think about how your brand impacts on their lives, their sense of identity.

These aren’t paid endorsers but genuine customers who are passionate about your brand. They have influence over their peers, who could become potential customers. Their messages can seem more authentic, coming from their real-world experiences.

Your followers have a feeling of belonging to a community of like-minded people. They probably aren’t buying based on price but on the value and benefits that you bring to them and how you make them feel.

How to sell more from your WordPress WooCommerce online store with WordPress Training

Find out more about our tailored WooCommerce Training Sessions

Training you to sell more from your online store.

#5 Create trust at every point

Trust is a big factor in a buying decision. Having visual and written trust points on your WordPress WooCommerce store will help visitors feel like this is a trusted place to buy. Trust factors can include:

  • Professional accreditations
  • Industry body logos
  • Payment gateway logos
  • Delivery service logos
  • Insurance logos
  • Testimonials from customers (also called social proof
  • An active social media account
  • Regularly updated blog - this shows your online store is alive, cared for and vibrant
  • Easy to find contact details
  • A secure domain - HTTPS and SSL (gives you the padlock symbol)
  • Detailed About Us page
  • Influencer endorsements
How to sell more from your WordPress online store 4

#6 You have stunning photography

You might think your product photography is good. Take another look. It has to be outstanding. Professional product photography is essential for every part of your WooCommerce store. Either set up your own mini-studio or engage a professional photographer.

Our go-to photographer is The Bigger Picture in Newcastle. Check out their website credentials.

How to sell more from your WordPress online store 5

#7 Can you easily add promotions?

This is a critical part of your WordPress WooCommerce website functionality. When building your WordPress online store make sure it has the facility to quickly add promotions, offers and coupons. Reacting quickly to seasonal promotional opportunities or visitor statistics with a relevant promotion or offer can dramatically encourage new sales.

You are busy running your store, so you need the facility to quickly add a promotion either product based or category based to drive sales where needed. Look for this facility when selecting your WordPress theme or make sure your WordPress designer add this function.

How to sell more from your WordPress online store

Making your content relevant and timely is critical to driving 'time-based' sales. Scarcity is a great motivator.

Seasonal campaigns. Giving your online store a seasonal makeover every quarter is a great way to drive new sales.

BONUS TIP - Can search engines find you?

How to sell more from your WordPress WooCommerce online store with WordPress Training

Your store needs to be found in Google Search. This isn't a quick process. Search Optimisation for online stores requires the following (as a minimum):

  • A structured plan
  • A content marketing strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Audience research
  • Competitor research
  • On-page Search Optimisation
  • Continued rank tracking
  • Continued adjustments
  • Regular optimised content
  • A realistic expectation - SEO ranking can take 6-12 months from a standing start.

If you need help with WordPress SEO, contact me and we can organise a detailed WordPress WooCommerce SEO Training session.

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