How to sell more from your WordPress online store – part 3 of 3

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You're just not selling enough online!

How can I sell more from my WordPress store? I am just not getting the number of sales I need!

Part 3 of a 3 part series to help you to sell more with your WordPress store

This is part 3 of a 3 part series to help you get more sales from your WordPress online store. One of the most asked questions during my regular Newcastle based WordPress training sessions.

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#1 Clear navigation

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How can I find what I want, quickly?
Clear sign-posting on your WordPress online store is critical for conversions.

People are always in a hurry. They have found your online store, which is no easy feat these days. A million and one distractions online take their tole and if a customer has found your brand and take the leap-of-faith to view your store then it makes sense to reward them with a pain-free experience.

Your site structure or architecture has to make sense and provide an easy route for visitors to buy. Use clear, helpful and obvious names for links and navigation, don't make your visitor have to figure out where a link takes them. Make it absolutely obvious where they are going next.

Make moving around your eCommerce website a pleasure for your visitors. Think about someone visiting your online store for the first time. This can be tricky because you know it inside out and backwards and what can be obvious to you isn't always obvious to a new visitor.

Amazon's interface can seem overwhelming but they really do make it easy for someone to buy.

If you can, do some user testing. Ask friends or current customers about their experience finding their way around your store. Fine tune and iterate, constantly improving the customer flow and make it super easy for them to buy, quickly!

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#2 Live chat

WordPress WooCommerce Ecommerce Training Newcastle

You've probably seen this on many websites. A box in one corner that invites real-time conversation. Generally, customers love Live Chat as a fast easy way to ask pre-purchase questions. A lot faster than email or even social media.

You can quickly resolve any buying barriers that may be in place and provide real-time customer support and care.

It's also a great way for you to do customer research. You can find out customers questions, ask a few of your own and use that information to improve both your product and your store.

There are many Live Chat platforms on the market, most with WordPress plugins that make it super easy for you to add this to your WordPress online store.

#3 Feeback, ratings and testimonials

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Trust is a major factor when buying online. Providing positive evidence to visitors builds trust. Adding feedback, ratings and testimonials from customers is a popular method of building trust. Real people providing real feedback is a powerful way to build brand trust, credibility and reputation.

Strategically placed feedback and testimonials can improve buying rates and convert visitors into customers.

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#4 Newsletters

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People buy brands. They don't make decisions based on price or quality. They buy into brands that reflect themselves and their ideals. A regular newsletter or campaign is a great way to involve customers in your story, journey and brand. Regular communications build trust, if someone has signed up to your email list, then they want to hear from you.

Be consistent and send them regular stories and insight into products, innovations, offers and experiences. Build your brand story week after week. Help your customers become part of your story. Bring them along on your journey. They can be your best advocates. Brand ambassadors who help sell your brand for you.

#5 Referals

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Personal referrals are a powerful way to sell. Reward customers who promote your brand. Provide them with special offers, discounts, refer a friend campaigns. Encourage referrals, friends value each other's opinions. Many people consult family and friends before making a purchase. From a simple reward to a sophisticated referral marketing plan, referrals are good for business.

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