Why WordPress is great for Enterprise Level website projects

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I work with many businesses on many website projects. Some large, some small (both businesses and projects). Most people and businesses I provide WordPress training for are not in the WordPress space. I don't expect them to be. I live and breath WordPress and its community.

Those that are outside the WordPress community are unfamiliar with the power of WordPress and it's many benefits. Their perception can be that WordPress is just for small-scale websites and blogs. They can't be more wrong.

In this article, I am going to demonstrate how powerful WordPress can be for your complex or large, enterprise projects.

Large resource base

You have an online concept, a business idea that requires a complex, interactive website. Your idea is new so there is nothing out there that can deliver to your needs. You need a solution creating for you. You are at the early stages of the development of your idea which means MVP (minimal viable product) and you need to get it to market quickly.

WordPress is ideal for all of these. You have a ready built, highly flexible platform on which to build your idea – WordPress.

Going bespoke or a none WordPress solution.
A bespoke CMS system or one of the other, lesser-used CMS platforms will do the job for you. However, consider this. A fully bespoke CMS is likely to take months to build requiring the employment of a team of developers and if you bring new developers on board they need to learn your bespoke system. If any developers leave they take that knowledge with them. If you go for one of the lesser used CMS systems your pool of talent will be considerably smaller.

WordPress powers 30 % of the worlds CMS websites. With an ever-increasing amount being large enterprise solutions.

WordPress is the worlds most popular CMS. Which means lots and lots of developers and designers use WordPress. They will have a head start if they join your project as they already know the platform you are developing on.

Flexible and customisable

WordPress is developed and maintained by a very large community. The foundation (core code) of WordPress is a solid platform on which to build your enterprise website. To extend the functionality of WordPress you have over 56,104 plugins (at time writing) from which to find solutions. Using an off-the-shelf plugin that has already had months of coding spent on it will save you time creating your own solution.

WordPress is styled by Themes. There are thousands to choose from or ideally get your own theme developed to your specific requirements. There are ready-made starter themes to get you going.

Some stats from WP Engine

Up-to-date and reliable

WordPress is constantly being improved and updated. The internet, the web, browsers, API and browsers and W3C all changing and updating almost every day. Your project will benefit from a foundation built on the latest coding standards, that is regularly updated.

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Integration with many things

Because WordPress is used across almost 30% of the web lots and is extremely popular, many applications and third-party services make it a priority to have an easy WordPress integration. Whether that is a dedicated WordPress plugin or an API that can be used to integrate.

Applications such as; email marketing software like MailChimp and Active Campaign, marketing software such as Hubspot or CoSchedule and scheduling and calendar solutions.

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User management

Enterprise level projects usually have large teams. That means many contributors to your online application. WordPress has a good base user management out-of-the-box. However, there are a good number of User Role plugins that provide even greater control over who can do what on your website dashboard.

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Cost effective

You shouldn't be "reinventing the wheel" for your website project. If functionality is already available via a plugin then that will save you both time and money. Creating software from scratch takes a lot of time, with testing and iterating adding to the cost, so if you can use components that are ready made it means your budget can stretch further and be used for those unique aspects of your project.

International and multi-language

WordPress is used across the world. Enterprise solutions very often need to reach the widest audience possible, including different countries. Adding multilanguage to your website is made easier with solid multi-language plugins. Plus WordPress core is available in a really wide range of languages.

The Takeaway

You can use the power of WordPress and its impressive range of developers, plugins, theme and support to create your enterprise project. It can be integrated into wider business software solutions as well. Providing you with the flexibility to produce an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to drive business growth.

When you have the right numbers and investors fighting to be part of your idea, then you could consider creating something with your own team of developers.

Take advantage of WordPress to get your project off to a flying start.

If you need help with developing your idea with WordPress, then email me and we can chat about the possibilities.

If you want to know more about our WordPress Training delivered in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, email me hello@wordpressnortheast.co.uk

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