Add micro-interactions for maximum gains on your WordPress website

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So what is a micro-interaction (microinteractions?)
What is micro-copy?
Ever since I started building websites in 2000 I wanted to make sure every detail on a website worked to its hardest and made sense to the visitor.

Since that time User Experience and web design have developed into a sophisticated space and the work that I did then now has specific names and recognised benefits. Such as micro-copy and micro-interactions. Or common sense design!

Micro-copy and micro-interactions are small elements that the user interacts with that can often seem so small that it seems unusual that they can make a difference. However, with detailed consideration throughout your WordPress website, these micro-interactions can make a massive difference to your Users Experience and your website conversions. Making your website so much more powerful.

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Micro-copy and Micro-interactions are essential for onsite feedback and providing the guidance your visitors need as they navigate, move and interact with your WordPress website.

If they are not thought through, poorly designed or not even included, they can damage your visitor's experience which means they just go elsewhere. Every message and written action needs to be clear and understandable to your visitors.

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You encounter these micro-interactions and micro-copy on most websites and social media platforms you visit, interactions and copy such as; share, read, follow, delete, download - on buttons, links, instructions, forms.

If these are clear, well-thought-through, well designed, fit with your brand and tone of voice then the interactions on your website will increase. This means your visitor is happy and you as a business are happy that your user completed the task you wanted them to.

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With your self-hosted WordPress website, these micro-interactions are easy to include. Your theme will probably have a range of micro-interactions and micro-copy elements included, you can add your own with CSS or you can use those provided in plugins.

Perform an audit of all of your small copy and messages, including navigation, page names, button messages and even forms and think about the micro-copy and micro-interactions they provide your visitors.

Providing clear actions, signs and feedback helps to guide your visitor around your website. The deeper into your website your visitors go the better it is for conversions and for your SEO. Google can track clicks and page visits. Plus you can add your own custom Click Tracking with Google Tag Manager, enabling you to measure how people are using your website. This helps with making improvements or replicating the best experiences.

The Takeaway

Attention to detail on all aspects of your WordPress website design, including the smallest of interactions, will increase your visitor's enjoyment and encourage them to complete a task.

Whether it is filling out a form, with clear steps and actions – or buying a product with clear purchasing information and interactive images, attention to micro-interactions and micro-copy on your WordPress website will maximise your results.

If you need WordPress training on micro-interactions and micro-interactions, WordPress website design and User Experience, contact us and we can get you started.

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