Why you need to take care of your WordPress website

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All software needs to be kept up-to-date, safe and secure and your WordPress website is no exception. Have you noticed how many alerts for updates you get on your smart phone, Microsoft software, your car Sat Nav! All tech needs updates so that you can benefit from the latest software features and bug fixes.

When your website is built using WordPress you benefit from one of the most robust software platforms around. However WordPress needs to be kept up-to-date and running smoothly. Your website must perform to it's optimum in order to be there to promote your business 24/7/365 and so needs some care and attention.

If your on WordPress .Com (the blogging platform) then all updates are taken care of by the .Com team. This post covers those who have a self-hosted WordPress website.

The benefits of looking after your website

The key benefits to consider when investing in the care your WordPress website needs:

  • Security - any website can get hacked, 24 hour security checking keeps your site safe and secure
  • The latest code - keeps your site running to the latest standards, so your site is sure to be visible on the latest devices and operating systems
  • Reduced errors - visitors don't like broken pages, they'll just go somewhere else, make sure your site is error free
  • Performance - monitoring your site speed so your website is fast for visitors
  • Bug fixes - all software is complex, especially WordPress so take advantage of the constant fixes and updates of the WordPress software and plugins
  • New features - WordPress is always improving and expanding it's features, make sure your website takes advantage of the latest features
  • Regular back-up - keep your content safe just incase, then you can quickly get back up and running should anything awful happen
  • Uptime monitoring - make sure your hosting isn't letting you down, get alerts when your site is down so you can take action

Your website is probably crucial to your business. The world goes online first when looking for products and services and if your website isn't there or working to it's optimum then you are missing out.
You website is there to generate leads, customers and revenue (if created correctly). It's the main contact point for your customers find and interact with you. So you want peace-of-mind that it will be up, running and available to your audience 24/7 without interruption.

What you need to do now

Set aside time to regularly take care of your site so you know it's performing to the very best for your business. Website's that don't work correctly, get hacked or have issues drive visitors away. Don't let this happen to yours.

ACTION: Make sure you schedule in your diary weekly care for your site and invest in the right back up and performance software. This will take investment in both time and software however it's well worth your peace-of-mind.

Note that before you update anything, take a back up.


ACTION: No time or expertise to provide the care your website needs? Then contact us at WP North East and find out about our range of monthly care plans, some provide unlimited updates to your website, SEO insight, together with all of the WordPress care mentioned in this post.

The Takeaway

Not taking care of your WordPress website can mean your website can be wide open to problems and performance issues. The longer you leave it the more likely something will go wrong and your showcase to the world online will be broken and you will be missing out on sales.

Taking the time now to care about your website can potentially save you a lot of time and money in the long term.

If your serious about keeping your WordPress installation secure, we are here to help. Providing you peace-of-mind that your online presence is always working hard to drive business.

Find out more about our comprehensive monthly WordPress Website Care Plans

We look after everything so you can do what you do best, run your business.

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