Why WordPress is awesome for powerful business Marketing

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Your primary marketing asset

Your website needs to be your main business marketing tool.
Even with the wide range of Social Media platforms that you use to promote your business – your website is your online hub. Your part of the internet that you are in complete control of, and not subject to the whim and changes of the social giants, where reach is decreasing and costs increasing. You need to be driving visitors to your website, where they can discover, in detail, why you are the best business to deliver what they need, without the distractions and busy screens of social media.

Your website - your online hub

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Stop social media distractions

All of the social media platforms are busy spaces, designed to keep you on them as long as possible. They want you to click on their adverts and explore deeper and don't really want you to leave. This isn't great for your business marketing. You need to grab their attention, let your audience to find you on social media, then encourage and funnel them onto your website, where you can focus their thoughts and provide them with value and information.

Why WordPress is powerful for business marketing

Because your website is your key marketing space you need it to be easy to update, flexible and easy to integrate with any other marketing software and CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) that you use. This is where WordPress is so powerful. Because it has such a large share of the web development market most of the other online tools will have an easy integration with it. For example, most of the email marketing software companies (Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, ConvertKit - to name a few) make it easy for you to link your website to their services.

Save time, stress and money

Software integrations can be painful and costly. This is where WordPress can save you time, stress and money. A large number of software services and tools making it easy for you to integrate their software into your WordPress website, they provide you with an easy API integration which is going to save you so much time and stress. Avoiding the need for you to commission software development, to add code or create a bespoke integration via a software specialist.

It's going to save you jumping from website to software throughout your day. Typically all you need to do is upload their plugin and within a few clicks and you're up and running.

You will avoid the stress of trying to get systems to talk to each other and the stress of matching data and information when you need to track what is working and what needs to be reviewed.

Ideas for marketing integrations

Here are some great marketing tools* that integrate well with WordPress and will save you time, stress and money in the long term.

Email marketing.
An essential element of your business communications, email marketing:
Active Campaign
Campaign Monitor
Constant Contact

Marketing funnels.
An essential element of your business communications. Build your list with:
Thrive Leads

Landing Page Creation.
Tools to help you easily create landing pages:
Thrive Landing Pages

CRM (Customer Relation Management).
Manage your customer's information:
Agile CRM

Social Media Publishing.
Automated publishing of your blog posts to social media:
Revive Old Post
WordPress to Buffer

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The Takeaway

You need to be able to quickly and efficiently promote your business online. Marketing campaigns and fresh content is critical to engaging customers in today's busy digital landscape. WordPress is not only a powerful platform for creating websites but the perfect platform to manage and integrate your online marketing. With its massive usage and reach most of the prominent marketing tools provide an easy integration with WordPress, saving you time, stress and money when marketing your business.

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