5 reasons why WordPress website care is important to a successful online business

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Why is WordPress website maintenance critical to a successful website?

In the fast moving internet and technology age in which we live, all software requires regular updates. Look at how often Windows needs updating. How often your smart phone or tablet requests an update. Just like maintaining things in the real world (you go to the optician or dentist for checkups and care) so does your website. Every website needs to be kept up-to-date. No matter what code you use, what platform you are on or what provider you use, it will need updates.

As an owner of a WordPress website, you benefit from the very best open source code and complex plugins that provide you with a highly professional web presence. With out which it could have cost you many thousands more in both time and budget going down the bespoke route.  With the benefits of using WordPress comes a little responsibility in keeping them all on the latest versions and up-to-date. This is another benefit of using WordPress, teams of coders spend their time, not yours improving their software.

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WordPress Website Care - Reason #1

Websites are not 'set and forget'.

Your visitors have high demands when it comes to your website. Your audience is most likely very internet savvy and expects not only a beautifully presented, relevant website but one that is always live works as expected and performing to its optimum.

If you are not carrying out monthly maintenance on your website, you could be throwing money out of the window.

You very often get one chance online. When visitors go to your website and find things wrong with it, they don't stick around. Over the years I have found that many website owners (including very large organisations) never check their website to see how it is functioning. A missed website issue or downtime can lose you new customers.

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WordPress Website Care - Reason #2

Change and performance

The online space, browsers, W3C standards are an ever changing landscape. Exponentially moving faster as the internet matures and grows. With this comes both good and bad –  good things such as software improvements, new web concepts, new web coding standards, Google search changes and bad things such as increased malicious code attacks or new vulnerabilities. No website or organisation is immune to these impacts. However, you can work towards prevention or minimising issues.

Your website performance (load time, downtime, uptime etc.becomes) is dependent on the WordPress software and plugins functioning to their best via their latest versions.

These updates are happening on an ever increasing basis as plugins and software become more complicated and provide the functionality you need to drive business from your website. Complex software needs to be kept up-to-date, bugs fixed, and security patches added.

If you are not updating your software regularly then your website may not be running smoothly, be error or security free.

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WordPress Website Care - Reason #3

Efficient workflow

Having pride in our craft, we at WP North East and Arttia Creative Limited make sure that we take great care over every WordPress website we create. Our sophisticated WordPress website launch process includes backups, security checks and all updates for launch and our free snag support period. Making sure that your business website performs to its best from the very start because we know how critical it is to your business success.

Our Monthly Care Plan software and unique process keep a record of your plugin updates, so if there is ever an issue we know which plugin and version have caused a problem. Our Monthy Care Plan software and unique process mean we can quickly revert and fix the issue with minimal effect to your business.

With our Monthly Care Plans, you receive a detailed report each month showing you everything that has been updated, performance data, security checks, uptime monitoring and backup points. Together with digital strategy insight. If you are on one of our higher Care Plans, you will also receive regular SEO support and a detailed monthly SEO data report that shows you exactly your keyword rankings and what content is performing the best, so you aren't second-guessing.

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WordPress Website Care - Reason #4

The problems with Do-it-Yourself maintenance

Maintaining an efficient business website takes time and insight. Regular software updates are needed each week or at a minimum every month. Search optimisation is a daily task. Your time is best spent running your business and growing sales, rather than maintaining software and worrying about uptime and performance. Your website is there to build your business not to take up your time tinkering with technicalities or the finer points of SEO. You just want peace-of-mind that this part of your business and marketing is working 24/7/365, leaving you 'worry free' and time to concentrate on what you are good at, building your business.

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WordPress Website Care - Reason #5

It costs you more to fix than to maintain

Inexperience and neglect can damage the design and functionality of your website. If maintenance is not done correctly, it could cost you more than you think. Here at WP North East and Arttia Creative, we have been approached to fix websites that we haven't created and have not been updated or that a contact hasn't updated their site for many years – this typically turns out to be a large project. A cost that could have been avoided with regular care and maintenance provided at a fraction of the cost to fix a broken or hacked website.

Even trying to restore from an old back up could potentially lose your content changes, your sales orders, contact entries, you name it! Just like a car, it costs more to fix it than it does to maintain it properly. Regular servicing (oil changes, tyre checks, new plugs and points) help keep your car running properly; regular site maintenance contributes to keeping your website working to its best.

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Engage a professional

Monthly WordPress Website Care Plans

Why not use our expertise and let you deal with what you do best, running your business. We know your website. We understand your business goals and unique online needs. Let us continue to care for your website and online needs. We are web professionals with many years experience. We keep up-to-date with all the latest WordPress insight and digital marketing strategies. By securing an experienced web professional to update and maintain your website you are saving potential lost sales and visitors.

If you are interested in securing one of our Monthly Website Care Plan contracts for your website, then contact us, and we'll suggest a plan that best suits your needs.

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We look after everything so you can do what you do best, run your business.

We have high standards

Care plans exclusive to our clients

Our WordPress web design standards are very high. We pride ourselves on delivering the best websites for our clients. That is why our Monthly Website Care Plans are exclusive to current clients only.

What if we didn't create your WordPress website?
If you are interested in joining one of our Monthly Website Care Plans, but your site wasn't set up by us, then we will need to run your website through our audit process so we can evaluate your website. That way we can get an idea of its standard and if we can offer you ongoing care.

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Find out more about our comprehensive monthly WordPress Website Care Plans

We look after everything so you can do what you do best, run your business.

The Takeaway

Having a high performing and beautiful website remains critical to today's businesses. WordPress powers over 25% of websites [at time of writing] and is a trusted platform on which to create business driven websites. Your WordPress site, your business and your customers will all benefit from it being maintained to the highest standards.

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