4 Reasons Why Outstanding Design is Critical for your WordPress Website

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Outstanding design is no longer an option when it comes to the web.

Your visitor's expectations are increasingly high, and your website must be designed to appeal to your website visitors. First impressions count and with less than a couple of seconds to grab someone's attention the design of your website is critical to success.

Great design isn't easy. The internet is littered with poor design; bad design is everywhere. Great design is in the minority. If your WordPress website has an excellent design, then you have the edge. If design isn't your forte, then engage the services of a professional. Professional WordPress Website Design.

WordPress website design factors can include the following elements working in harmony:

  • Clarity of navigation
  • Easy to read layouts
  • Complementary colour schemes
  • Clear information structure
  • Relevant and original images and graphics
  • Well thought through fonts and typography combinations
  • Visual clues, signs and signals that help the users journey
  • Obvious next steps, choices and calls-to-action

"Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere."

— Mieke Gerritzen

The following 4 factors demonstrate how critical outstanding design is to website success and what can happen with poor design

#1 Trust

Outstanding design builds trust.
With so much unreliable content online, visitors can be unsure who to trust. This is where outstanding design is important. A well-designed website is a massive factor in increasing your credibility and building trust. With well designed 'trust' elements positioned logically on your website and across your pages, these increase the likelihood that your website visitor will trust your business to deliver what they need.
Design builds trust.

#2 Professionalism

Outstanding design promotes professionalism.
If you want your visitors to buy your products or services then you have to be professional. Amature just won't cut it. Professional design presents you as a professional business. Don't scrimp on great design. Engage a professional designer whenever possible. For every element of your website. Website design includes your branding. A well-designed brand (not just your logo, but your whole brand) will present you as a professional. Working with poorly designed logos and non-existent brands is hard work (talking from experience). A low-resolution JPF logo file to added to a website, and the whole website design is dragged down. Decreasing the power of the whole site.
Spend time to create a professional design.

#3 Memorable

Memorable design means people return.
Peoples journey around the internet usually means visiting a great many websites before taking action. Clicking from website to website is commonplace. With so many distractions, social media, adverts, pop-ups, your website needs to stand out. People can judge your company based on the quality and effort you have put into your website design. Keeping User Experience familiar and balancing it with a unique design will help to make your website memorable. Memorable visually and notable because it was easy to use.
Designs to remember.

#4 Conversions

Turn a visitor into a customer.
A 'conversion' on a website is when a visitor completes the action you want them to take. An outstanding design will increase conversions. Driving traffic to your website in the overcrowded online space is challenging, costly and time-consuming. If your website design is confusing and unappealing then all the hard work of getting some to click on a link to your website is wasted. There is some great insight here from Optimonster, great article by Optinmonster if your website is unattractive, people will leave your site altogether.  That’s a whole lot of lost leads!
Improve your design and user experience and get more customers.

The Takeaway

Outstanding design is critical.
As Adobe makes clear that 50 percent of companies surveyed claim that design plays a huge role in how they achieve success, (read Adobe's article The Importance of Design in Business Strategy.) The Design Council has clear evidence of the monetary impact of design for business. That is just as equal when it comes to WordPress website design.

If you need help creating an outstanding WordPress website design, WP North East can help.

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