The best places to find free images for your WordPress website or blog

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Websites and blogs need a lot of images

Having worked on websites for many years, I know how hungry they are for images. Most websites need a large amount of photography and images to showcase the website content or to help create an eye-catching blog post. With that in mind buying pictures or commisioning a photo shoot can sometimes not be possible. In that situation, how can you find free to use images for your content?

How to find free to use images

#1 Take your own pictures

The best free images to use are your own. Bespoke and unique images are critical to making sure you stand out online. With the quality of smartphone cameras increasing all of the time and the price of digital cameras ever more accessible, taking your own, quality images are getting easier. There are also many filter apps that can add real character to your images. Be on the look-out for image opportunities, once you get tuned to taking images for your website or blog you will see many situations to take images. When you are out for a walk, on a business trip, city breaks, your garden, close-up still life within your home. There are many image opportunities if you stay creative.

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#2 Search the free image libraries

There is an ever-increasing range of free stock image libraries to find new images. These are typically free to use for both personal and commercial. However, read their terms and conditions to make sure your use situation is covered. With the free image resources I have found that because there is no exclusivity, the images seem to appear everywhere on the internet which can make your WordPress website or blog look the same as many others. So beware.

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Image library resources (there are many more):

#3 Resources on copyright and image usage

Everybody loves free photos, I have no legal experience and do not provide legal advice when it comes to image usage. Here are a few useful links around copyright and IP. Make sure you know when and how you can use images so you don't hit any legal issues.

Images and copyright ©

I'm no legal expert when it comes to image copyright. Always read the creator's usage terms and conditions and make sure you understand their terms and conditions before you use the image.

Not free - Organise a pro photo shoot

A professional photographer is always my recommendation. Especially if they are the core images for a business website. Our go-to photographers are The Bigger Picture. They will guide you on your photo shoot and provide you with a good range of images. If this isn't an option, then reach for your smartphone and get clicking.

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The Takeaway

The need to create regular, new, useful content to drive traffic and build a following means you probably need a lot of images to enhance that content. Taking your own images to use is your best route. If you can't create that perfect image for your content, then the free to use image resources are a great route to go down.

If you need outstanding, high-quality images then engage the services of a professional photographer. They have the latest high-end gear and a wealth of knowledge which will provide you with unique images for your WordPress website or blog.

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