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The Secrets of WordPress SEO

By Belinda White | WP North East | October 13, 2022

On October 13th 2022, I was asked to present at the Newcastle WordPress meet-up. My talk focused on one aspect of WordPress SEO that isn’t usually covered – User First SEO.

WordPress Website Design Principles #5 – Grab Attention

By Belinda White | WP North East | May 29, 2020

A fraction of a second. That’s how long you have to grab attention online. You need to make it instantly clear what your site is about, the main message and action you want someone to take.

online WordPress training Newcastle

Virtual WordPress Training Newcastle and the North East

By Belinda White | WP North East | March 8, 2020

We’re extremely experienced at delivering virtual WordPress training session. We do this every day and are here to help you get online with WordPress or publish more content. Helping you to take control of your WordPress website.

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